Keeping an open dialogue with your provider

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How do I get more involved with my child´s care?

Keeping an open dialogue with your provider

Communicating with your child's care provider is very important. It is much better to have an open and relaxed dialogue already open so that you can address any later serious concerns, and you also get the benefit of being directly involved in your child's care. Some suggested topics for regular communication are:

1. If your child did not sleep well the night before, or did not eat well, always let your carer know. It can affect your child's whole day and effect his behaviour.

2. To get an idea on what your child's current interests are, ask what their current favourite activity is. Is it reading? Is it the class pet? Theme play? The more you know, the more involved you can be with your child.

3. Ask about class needs. Perhaps the classroom is short on certain supplies or they are collecting for a needy child. You might be able to help. The more donated items, the less often administrative costs will go up.

4. Ask your child's provider regularly about your child's milestones. Are you concerned about her progress in an area? Find out if he is actually behind first.

5. Don't just take a look at your child's weekly learning schedule. Ask the teacher what they actually did for certain activities. For example, what did they do for music that week? The more you know, the more you can participate in your child's learning.



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