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A few minutes a day spent planning can relieve many headaches down the road. Spend some time each day going over financial information and planning curriculum and meals.



A home daycare provider can be very isolated without coworkers to share the day with. Find an online support group of other providers or stay at home moms. Make time for yourself several times a week to go somewhere without kids. Get together with friends as often as possible. During the warm months you can meet at the park with other providers or moms in the area to chat.


Dealing with Parents

Stand firm to your rules. Parents will respect you for it and you will enjoy your business more in the long run. It can be difficult to confront a parent the first few times but you will gain courage and stay happy in your job.


Marble Painting

For a clean painting activity give kids a cardboard box with a piece of paper in the bottom. Let them roll several large marbles in paint and then drop them on the paper. Tilt the box back and forth to create a fantastic design.


Play dough fun

Kids love play dough and it can be used in so many different ways. Use food coloring or spices to change things up. Rubber stamps can keep kids busy for hours punching shapes into the dough.



Contact your local resource and referral agency. They can match parents looking for daycare with your imformation and keep your daycare spots full. If you do not have a resource and referral agency a printed sign posted in your yard or on a major road can attract calls.

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