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How can I be sure my child is safe in case of fire?

Fire Regulations

Be sure that your provider meets all requirements for fire safety. Do they have a fire alarm? Are there smoke detectors distributed throughout? Is there a clearly posted fire plan for staff and parents to refer to? Are the sleep mats and cot mattresses fire retardant? Do they conduct regular fire drills? Check out these as well as check with your local authority on any further regulations that should be met.

What size should my child´s class be?

Class Sizes

Children that are newborn to one year are infants. Needless to say they have unique needs and requirements. Some care providers maintain a somewhat higher rate for infants. Children that are age 12 months old to 2 and a half years are toddlers. Pre-school children are 2 ½ years old to kindergarten age (4 or 5 years old). Your local authority will stipulate how many children are allowed per care provider and the amount of space required per child in a care facility. Parents have the right to know how many children are in the care providers' care at any given time and how old they are so be sure to check with your local authority as these rules vary by area.

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Paying for Sick days

This is indeed a quite usual practice unfortunately. You are not paying for the service itself, you are paying for the reserved slot as the service was reserved for your child and not available for another child.Doing it this way enables child care poviders to create a budget based on the number of children they watch and pay for the appropriate staff, meals for the children, toys and other supplies. if this is a serious issue for you, I would look for a centre who only charges for the actual day your chid is there, such as a smaller home provider, as many home providers do not charge for off days.

What is the minimum legal age for a child to be left at home alone?

Minimum Legal Age to be Left Alone?

The minimum legal age for a child to be left at home alone and unsupervised varies from state to state and can from county to county. You should note that I say at home alone, as the age minimum for a child watchng another child is often different yet again even if the other child is a sibling. The best way to find out what this age is for where you live is to contact your area's social services department that deals with child care and get this information, as often friends and neighbors have erroneous or outdated information. You can also find out what supervisory conditions must be met, if any, i.e. does a neighbor need to be available, contact numbers available, or if the older child must have taken training of any kind.

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