Establish a Routine

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How do I help my child realize that I am coming back for him?

Establish a Routine

When confronted by a child suffering from separation anxiety, be aware that even though you have always returned for your child, their inability to conceive of time can make them fear your "disappearance."

Your child can overcome this by coming to realize that this is a normal, everyday event. Establish a regular routine for getting ready for care. It is important that this be the same everyday so that it becomes something your child can count on, and in turn, comes to know that part of the regular routine is your return.

Once your routine of getting ready is in place, and your child has had time to settle into the routine, the crying and screaming should stop. It is not instantaneous and can take a few weeks, but be aware that this is a normal childhood fear and every parent has had to deal with it at one point of their child's early childhood or another.



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