Advocate Local, State and Federal Funding

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How can I get the government to increase childcare spending?

Advocate Local, State and Federal Funding

One of the first steps you can do to become a serious advocate for childcare funding is register to vote. Just because you register to vote does not mean that you MUST vote, but realise that no politician, whether local or state will take heed of a constituent who is not even registered to vote. The fact is, they see nothing to gain by it, as you won't be able to vote for them even if you wanted to because you aren't registered.

The next step after registering is to write or email your local politicians. Tell your county councilman how you feel about local funding for childcare. Email your congressman and senator. Also consider emailing your state governor.

After you have done that, consider drafting a petition asking for increased tax breaks for working parents, more money for childcare for lower income families, and other related issues that you care about. Collect the signatures, and send to all the above politicians. If you have a computer, scan the document and email it.
It is very important that you email the document with actual signatures on it, as typed signatures are not valid for petitions. In the future, electronic signatures may be allowed, but at this time they have no real significance.

Actions as simple as these can greatly influence a politicians actions. The more people who are registered to vote that put pressure such as this upon them, the more likely they are to respond. So get on out there! They are supposed to represent you, so tell them what you want represented!



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