Nap Time

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What should i know about nap times?

Nap Time

Most preschool children require a rest during the day. Children under the age of five may be required to take a nap after lunch, but this should not exceed 2 hours. Older children will have quiet time during naptime, when they will be allowed to read, watch a movie or do similar quiet activities. You may want to consider providing your child's care provider with a portable crib to ensure it's safety. However, most child care centers have their own and only require you provide bedding (pillow, sheet, blanket) for your child. If this is the case inquire how it is stored during non-sleeping time. Is it hygienic? Other children should not share your child's bedding.

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8/12/2007 2:48:24 PM
Jessica said:

My Child does not usually take a nap at home and has a easier time going to sleep and sleeps better during the night. In Daycare they are made to take a 2 hour nap and we find ourselves staying up till midnight, which makes it hard on them and me in the mornings cause they want to sleep late. I think every child is different it should be what works best for the individual child!


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