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What is home daycare?

What is Home Daycare?

Home based daycare, also called family daycare, should provide all benefits of learning opportunities and safe environment that a child care center provides, but within a family home environment. It is often run by the parent or grandparent of a small child (children), and can be more relaxed and informal in its relationship with the parent(s). Often the schedule is also more flexible than that of a large center.

How do I choose a private sitter when I don´t know anyone who babysits

Choosing a Private Sitter

When hiring a private babysitter that is unknown to you, it is best to insist on doing a background check with law enforcement. This should not be offensive to anyone applying to be your sitter, after all, they are a stranger seeking employ in your home with your precious little one. Also, closely check their references and feel free to ask around. If they will be allowed to take your child out in a car, also check their driver's license. Also verify that they have basic first aid training that is appropriate to the age of your child. It is always best to be safe rather than sorry.

What is the difference between a nanny and an au pair ?

Choosing a Nanny

Many parents do not know the difference between a nanny and an au pair. So how to choose which may be right for your family?

A nanny, can live in or live out, and is an experienced child care professional. They may have begun as au pairs, and received further experience in the child care field, or they may be formally trained. They generally do not do housework, except for cleaning up from the child care activities, and their main purpose is just that...they are dedicated to helping your child grow and develop on a one to one basis.

How do I locate a home daycare?

Where Do I Find Home Daycare?

To locate a home-based daycare, you can use either one of the childcare locator services I have linked to, a search engine, or best yet, contact your local child care lisencing agency. They should be listed in the phone book under state or local government.

What is the difference between a nanny and an au pair ?

Choosing an Au Pair

Many parents do not know the difference between a nanny and an au pair. So how to choose which may be right for your family?

An au pair is usually a young person without any previous child care experince beyond possibly caring for siblings or babysitting. They live in, assist in minding the children, and are generally in that particular country to gain cultural experience. Think of an au pair as an exchange student of sorts that you pay and give room and board to in exchange for light housework, and occasional babysitting.



A few minutes a day spent planning can relieve many headaches down the road. Spend some time each day going over financial information and planning curriculum and meals.



A home daycare provider can be very isolated without coworkers to share the day with. Find an online support group of other providers or stay at home moms. Make time for yourself several times a week to go somewhere without kids. Get together with friends as often as possible. During the warm months you can meet at the park with other providers or moms in the area to chat.


Dealing with Parents

Stand firm to your rules. Parents will respect you for it and you will enjoy your business more in the long run. It can be difficult to confront a parent the first few times but you will gain courage and stay happy in your job.



Contact your local resource and referral agency. They can match parents looking for daycare with your imformation and keep your daycare spots full. If you do not have a resource and referral agency a printed sign posted in your yard or on a major road can attract calls.


Toy Shopping

Try to go toy shopping without children. The toys that they like are not always the toys that they will get the most use out of.

What is home/family daycare and how do I find one ?

Ensure Values and Regulations are Met

Home daycare is regulated, and you should ensure that all regulations as far as safety, registration, licensing, and child ratio to caregiver are met. Since it is within someone's home, you will also wish to ensure that their values and any religious practices that they participate in while watching your child are agreeable to your family. Ask for references and be sure to check at least three, making sure to ask how they know them, etc. If they will be driving your child, check their driving record.

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