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Should I serve fresh or frozen vegetables to the children?

Fresh or Frozen Veggies?

Commercially processed veggies are often just as nutritious (sometimes more) than fresh veggies! They are usually frozen or canned immediately after harvesting. This results in produce that usually more nutritious as it has not been improperly stored in transit, in the store, or at home. (They're easy to use, too!)

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Should I find out if the foods served meet USDA guidelines?

Foods and Meal Times

One of the most important aspects of good daycare is nutrition for your child. Be sure the daycare you are selecting provides well-balanced, nutritional foods as per USDA guidelines. Ask to see a menu, note the times the meals are served (and whether snacks are provided), as well as provisions for special diets and/or food allergies.

How can I make meal time easier for my toddler?

Non-Slip Baby Bowls

If your toddler is having trouble with his bowl sliding across the table at mealtime, try making a placemat out of nonslip drawer liner. It's inexpensive, colorful, easy to clean, and keeps the food off the floor.

(This tip submitted by Lisa Pinter, Newsletter Guru)

What can I serve as a simple snack for kids?

Fun-Flavored Pudding

Change boring vanilla pudding into a fun-to-eat treat. Just sprinkle fruit-flavored gelatin powder (like Jello) over the top to give the pudding additional flavor and an "edible" appeal!

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Lunch Time Stress

Make lunch time easier by preparing extra of the meal you cooked for dinner the night before. Dinners tend to be healthier than the frozen meals that we are tempted to serve when we are tight on time and reheating is fast and easy.

Are there any foods I should avoid giving to my toddler?

Foods to Avoid for Toddlers

Because of the potential choking hazards, you should refrain from giving your toddler these foods: hotdogs, whole grapes, nuts, raisins, raw carrots/celery and other hard vegetables. Make sure the "size" of the food is at least 1" in diameter.

(This tip submitted by Lisa Pinter, Newsletter Guru)

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