Daycare Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I ask when evaluating a daycare?

How do I know if a center is right for my family?

What is home/family daycare and how do I find one ?

What playground safety precautions should I take with my child?

What can I do to raise community awareness for my daycare?

How can I make my child feel liked and accepted?

How do I stop my child from copying bad habits?

How do I choose a private sitter when I donīt know anyone who babysits

How can I help reduce child care costs?

What do I do when my child is agressive at daycare but not at home?

How can I raise the profile of children and childcare in the community

What is the difference between a nanny and an au pair ?

What information should be included in a home medical record?

My child is going on a field trip. What can I do to help?

What is the minimum legal age for a child to be left at home alone?

How do I locate a home daycare?

How do I help improve my childīs listening skills?

How can I be sure my child is safe in case of fire?

Are there any dangerous conditions I should look for?

Should I find out if the foods served meet USDA guidelines?

How can I make inexpensive toys using recycled materials?

How do I talk to my sonīs teacher?

How should I refer to our provider?

What is home daycare?

How can I help strengthen family bonds?

How do I find the right daycare for my disabled child?

What should I look for in discipline maintenance?

How can I help build self-esteem in my child?

How can I get my company involved in childcare?

how can I show our deep appreciation for our providerīs work?

Would my child do better later if he went to an academic preschool?

Who should I discuss my childīs medications with?

What size should my childīs class be?

How do I get more involved with my childīs care?

How do I help my child realize that I am coming back for him?

How do I gain support for parents of children in daycare?

How can I help my child have good self-esteem?

How do I get help with potty training?

What should i know about nap times?

What about giving treats for rewards?

How can I improve the already good quality of care at my centre?

How can I get the government to increase childcare spending?

How do I deal with my child comparing me to his caregiver?

What can I do to raise national awareness of childcare issues?

How do I open comunication with my childīs care provider?

What should I look for in a teacherīs behaviour?

I work a lot, how can I volunteer my time?

I work all the time, how can I find time to volunteer at the center?

What should I do first for burns and scalds?

Are there any foods I should avoid giving to my toddler?

How can I make meal time easier for my toddler?

What should I do in case a child is bitten by a dog?

Should I serve fresh or frozen vegetables to the children?

What can I serve as a simple snack for kids?

What sort of gifts should I give to my childīs providers?


My baby/toddler only attached to one teacher, what do I do?

How can I prevent my child getting sunburned?

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