Opening a Dialogue

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How do I talk to my son´s teacher?

Opening a Dialogue

It is very important to be on good speaking terms with your child's provider. This goes way beyond mere pleasantries. You should open a dialogue with your child's regular carer that shows both your interest in your child's progress and your confidence in them as a professional. This increases the liklihood that if any problems arise, you will have the earliest possible involvement in its solving, and your carer will be more confident with the knowledge that she has your full support. Beginning such a relationship is actually quite simple. Begin by always greeting your carer. Help your child make cards for his carer for holidays and birthdays. Take a few moments to read the class activities postings and chat for a few minutes about the activities. If you see your child's carer in a public place, say hello. They are providing you with a valuable and much needed service, and it never hurts to let someone know how much you value them. Not only will you benefit from having a good, open dialogue with your child's carer, but you will make the carer feel valued. A happy worker works harder and better than an unhappy and undervalued one, so your child and his carer will both benefit.



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